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Ivory Frequency

 Today is the day!





Ivory Frequency is a one-man project from Athens, Greece. George Robos who started the project in 1999 has released the debut CD Plug In this year. Before the full-length, in 2001 was released the Mcd Today, and Ivory Frequency has also made a remix from the VNV Nation song, Genesis. A powerfull project that will certainly do a big success in all the alternative dance floors. If you like good dance music, don't miss it! 






nsi: When did the project Ivory Frequency started? And who are the members?


Ivory Frequency: Ivory Frequency started in 1999 in Athens Greece.It was the time that I finally reached a point above experimentation and wanted to establish a different sound. The only member is me but I don't exclude the possibility of envolving other musicians as well. There is also Vaso C. who has managing duties as well as further general contribution.


nsi: What are the main ideas behind Ivory Frequency?


IF: I try to give a meaning on every sound and lyric I use.But on the end, I'm just printing my soul statements. Making pure music out of my experiences and anxieties. And wherever that goes to.


nsi: How is the electro scene in Greece? Is it well received by the public?


IF: Well the dance-trance scene is very developed in a degree that reaches enormous festivals and happenings.The e.b.m.-industrial scene hasn't yet reached that point but it's growing rapidly. Every week I get a new email announcing a new different party or event in places all over the country!


nsi: And how easy was it for a greek band to be known outside your country?


IF: I'm not sure I follow. You mean concerning the scene? Oh, indeed Greece isn't famous for it's e.b.m bands! Here , other styles like trance, pop, rock and domestic stuff monopolize the audience. In general nowadays, where an artist comes from, makes less and less difference. People just want to hear good music. And that's what they judge: If the music is good or not.


nsi: You have just released you debut album Plug-in. How could you describe you first work?


IF: It's a full representative of what I have in mind. As one can hear, there are different elements from several kinds of music, based in stable electronic fundaments. Every track of the album is a whole, and all tracks make the structure of "Plug-in". It's very important for me to manage and print a little part of me in every single music track. And if the audience likes it, that's wonderful but it's another thing.


nsi: Do you already have any kind of feedback from the public, related to Plug-in?


IF: I am totally open to every kind of critisism, positive or negative.Till now there are 2 camps: Those who love and embrace the album very very well and those who do not like it at all! There's no middle situation! Anyway, I think that trying to categorize "Plug-in" is a dead end. There is so much variety that makes it impossible. But if one really listenes to the album will certainly find a common thing betwin them. The sound that characterizes Ivory Frequency.


nsi: And about live acts. Have you already done any live show?


IF: No live shows yet. I'm very much looking forward in appearing live but not until this winter.


nsi: What can we expect from a Ivory Frequency live show?


IF: Lots of things on my mind. I like the idea of having as many musicians on stage as possible but for now we are up to 3. I like the idea of role playing and constant movement on stage. It' s very important the "show" part of a concert cause the audience have payed good money to come and see you not only hear you. Otherwise they would stay at home and put the cd on.


nsi: You have done a remix of Genesis form VNV Nation. Do you think it's a good way to show your potencial to the public?


IF: Well the track was very inspiring to me and "screamed" for a trance touch. It is indeed a track that can show the main direction of I.F.'s music and I'm happy it turned out the way it did. Cause it's true. Sometimes you have one thing on your mind and on the way it turns to another.


nsi: Did VNV Nation influenced Ivory Frequency? Any other bands that also influenced you?


IF: Ronan Harris is a very talented artist. But no, I hardly listen to the acts of the scene! I would listen to Paul Oakenfoald, Placebo, Jan Johnson, The Prodigy or ever Queensryche! It's a total mess actually what music I listen to! In fact, I point out artists that seem to have given a lot of work and love to their music and that does it for me, no matter what style they belong to.


nsi: And what about other bands remixing Ivory Frequency? Any project in that way, like a Mcd maybe? Which bands would you invite to remix an Ivory Frequency music?


IF: Hmm. I haven't actually thought about it. I've always respected another artist's point of view but there isn't any subject of this kind on the way. We'll see.


nsi: Are you planning a tour to promote Plug-in? Anything planned to Portugal or Spain?


IF: There are plenty of discussions on this area but not until this winter. I would love to play in Portugal and Spain; besides both countries are very similar to mine, concerning the geographical position. It will be a hell of a gig!


nsi: What are your plans for the future?


IF: Saying "making music" would sound very conventional wouldn't it? Lol! Actually I like to get involved in everything my time can afford. Ron company managing to skydiving! But no matter what I do, the day will end with me playing on a keyboard. And making music!


nsi: Thanks. Any special final words for the fans?


IF: Thanks to everyone that has given his attention to the album. I believe that everyone that really listens to Ivory Frequency's music will find elements that expresses him as well. And there's lot yet to come.


l.r.s. (June 2002)